Thursday, October 23, 2008

catching up

Does "catching up" really exist?? I believe it is an unattainable goal for me. Man....I don't ever catch up on my sleep, my housework, my organizing of closets, and let us not even start on work stuff. Yesh......oh well. I am sure I am not the only one who feels like I should remove the phrase from my vocabulary and quit worrying about it since I have declared it impossible. Right?

So here are a few pictures of Bug riding his Scooter downtown. Monty took him down there Friday night when I was out of town and he absolutely loved scooting around up and down the sidewalks after hours.
This would be a great picture of Lane...IF he would have looked at the camera. I tried to talk to him about looking at the camera and saying cheese.So the next time we stopped, you can see he took the bird's head and turned it towards me and said to the bird "Say cheese to Mommy!". The good news - got my drift. The bad news - he did it with the bird instead of himself. Monty and I HAD to giggle......
See? He physically turned the bird's head.

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