Saturday, September 27, 2008

Weekend Blogger

So I suppose it is evident that I only post on the weekends, huh? I didn't plan it that way but it seems that is when I actually have time.

What's new? A lot of the same with some new sprinkled in there. Work is crazy due to month end rolling around A-G-A-I-N!, 30ish days never move so quickly as in the business sense. Check out these wild turkeys that hang out up at work most mornings now that it has cooled off. They better be careful....they obviously didn't get the memo - we have some country folk (AKA rednecks) working there. I can say this without prejudice whereas I am in that category. Most days....I walk around the office barefooted.

Can I say that it is has been so crazy and absolutely wonderful watching LaneBug break out and form his own little personality this summer? Monty and I were talking the other night and this is one of the subjects we lingered on. Lane has really changed a lot these past few months.

He has sprouted up a bit and certainly showed tons of maturity through the whole tooth debacle. Which by the way, they are still very loose. He has a "concussion" in his tooth sockets. And from what I gathered, the teeth can not tighten back up until the blood recedes back out of the sockets. Nice....Doc always comments on what a good job Bug did in whacking them in the first place. So yes, through all that bad, uncomfortable and clinically "yucky" ordeal, we witnessed a very mature side of Lane that would stand still and listen carefully to specific instructions and follow through. And the down side of that realization is that we are certain he willfully disobeys far too much. (sigh) But back to his, that is so cool.

He physically looks so much like Monty and mostly acts like me. But as Shirley pointed out, he does get shy at times and that is definitely a characteristic of Monty and not me. Can you say "sassy"?? Man on man.....just like myself, he feels the urge to always get the last word in.

And a fairly new but oh so wonderful thing Lane does now - cuddle. That's right. CUDDLE. I love it. He has never, ever been a cuddly child. And compared to a "real" cuddly child he probably isn't still. But he has started just walking up to me and jumping up in my lap and hug on me for a minute or so. I absolutely love these moments. He did this last night at the football game. Of course, he was incredibly tired and was just resting but it was so nice for me to just hold him so close.

Sports. Lane is still into all the different sports - golf, basketbal, baseball, soccer and his favorite is football. Here are some pictures of us at the soccer fields earlier this week. Our neighbor and one of Lane's best friends, Bryson is playing this year.

As soon as the game concluded, Lane had to run out there and kick his ball around a bit. I can't wait until next year! It is not that I personally love soccer (it didn't get popular until after I graduated high school) but I personally love for Lane to be really, really tired. :)

And here are two snapshots of us with Lane. We were eating at "Louie's House" before the football game.

Well, I have got to run. We are meeting Monty and friends at the River later today. This will be our last time skiing until Spring 2009. Gosh, it seems so weird to know this is it. We will take the boat back out for boat rides again but no more water sports. (sniff..sniff) And Lane will be back in town later today for a friend's birthday party. Not just any friend of his girlfriends. Yep....Urs, be sure to tell Chris that Lane has officialy put Ms. Harper on his girlfriend list. She has good company with Elyse, Emma Kate and Sara! My name used to be on the list.....not anymore.

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