Monday, September 1, 2008

Uncle Stan's Birthday

Well, some of you heard me talking about that big birthday bash planned for Monty's brother who turned 60 on Saturday (yes, Monty was an OOPS baby). Since we had to drive over to Donalsonville, we thought it would be great to take the boat to the Flint on the way over and spend the afternoon. Here are some pictures of us enjoying our day. It was beautiful weather!

He pulled a couple of these things out of the water. He was giving us flowers he said! hee heeAnd this is Bug riding the knee board!

We left there and dropped the boat off at the "po-po's house" better known as the Sheriff's Department. We changed our clothes and put on LOTS of deodorant and headed off to the birthday party. Now this party was really cool. They had rented this building and decorated it up sixties style and had an Elvis impersonator coming to entertain after we ate! Bug's little cousin, Kate, she dressed up for the occasion. Check it out.
Isn't she just a doll baby?? I think she and LaneBug favor a lot in the face. They definitely have the mark of a "Johnson Baby"! It was so amazing to watch and hold her. Man, she is completely opposite of Bug. She is sooooo calm and sweet. Lane is sweet too but you have to be patient to see that side of him sometimes.
So here are two cool dudes awaiting Elvis' entry.

This is Monty and Mr. Marcus in case the coolness was too overwhelming to recognize them!!And here is Elvis!!

And this is where the story gets sad. LaneBug was having a great time dancing with Kate.

This was the last picture I took before Lane came over to my chair and tripped and hit his mouth on the corner. He screamed for about 10 minutes which completely unnerved me. He has never cried that long when he was hurt before. Now when he is mad....that is a totally different cry and I hear it far longer than that. This cry just broke my heart. We quickly left and headed to into town to pick up some Motrin. We called our friend Darlene who is a hygienist and got some advice. It seemed everything was going to be just fine. We headed on home and Bug fell asleep in the truck. His teeth looked the same as always except they were loose. When we woke up Sunday morning the swelling was terrible and it had pushed his teeth around a bit. His gums and inside lip were black and blue. We called Darlene again (at 7:30 AM) and she came right over. We called my Dentist and arranged to meet him at his office. Darlene came to check on us there (she is the BEST) and helped get an x-ray that showed the roots to be without an trauma which was an answered prayer. This means the teeth should stay in and not fall out. I always said that I didn't think LaneBug would loose all his teeth naturally and I thought I would always be prepared if/when this arose. But I tell you, man it rattled me. I know on the large scale of things that could happen to him this is very mild and I am so thankful. But I guess the thing that upset me the most was hearing him cry and knowing he was in so much pain. And then seeing his mouth Sunday morning. I have a weak stomach - and I almost fainted when he showed me. So here are a few "after" pictures. These were taken in the car on the way to see Dr. Lewis.

And these are of Bug eating lunch. Poor thing. His swollen lip looked the worst.

He is better today. The outside swelling has gone down a little. The inside is still very bruised. Monty and I think that will take a long time to go away. I am very thankful that things turned out as good as they have.

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Amanda said...

Glad to hear bug is okay! I just caught up on allof your blogs. Really needed a good laugh! Hopefully I will not be MIA again!