Sunday, September 28, 2008

Picture Post

OK - short and sweet. Mainly pictures. I have G-O-T to clean my house before tomorrow comes around. It will be Monday and week of month end. So I have got to clean and cook my meals for the week.
These are pictures from the River.You must hold your arms up to pass under a bridge, per LaneBug. He quickly taught this to his friend Tanner who was riding with us.

Swapping potato chips.....(cringe).
Uncle Mark and Ty - Ty is about to wake board. He is very good for a kid his age!We had a lot of good friends come in from Florida who we met at the Moomba Jams we attended this Summer. Here are some snapshots of them.And some funny faces from a certain silly boy!
And last, cool pictures of Josh - he can wake board very good!

And a picture of a super sweet birthday girl!Well, off to take some casseroles out of the oven and fold some clothes!

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