Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Been awhile again...

I know, I know....always promising better but not following through. Actually I could give you all my excuses but then I would be in further behind on posting so I'll skip it for my sake and yours too.
I am proud to report that Bug's teeth are still hanging on and he has been quite the big boy in understanding all this and going to Dentist appointments. Of course, I have purchased a motorcycle (Ninja Wheelie Time), a car crasher set from Hot Wheels and a car that will drive forward and backward while singing "Rock Around the Clock". All of these prizes were bought for being such a big boy. Jeez....between the dentist bills and all prizes, I'll be busted. If I can keep him being careful for another week or two, I think the teeth will be tightened back up all the way. He bumps them every day or so and they bleed so I know they are still not back to normal.
So here are random pictures.
Lane and Daddy watching the game Friday night.
Lane, Elyse, and Tanner hanging out.Another pic of the dynamic trio!Just the boys now....Tractors.....never leave home without them!

Elyse throwing some "Rocker Dude"sign. What can I say? Apples don't fall far from the trees....right JJ???

Bug riding the "wild noodle" at Cherry Lake.Snack time with Daddy.

Me on the skis.......not graceful but steady! Not too shabby though. Last time up was Summer 2004 before Bug was born.

Lane with his glasses.

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What can I say??? Rock on!!!