Sunday, September 21, 2008

Catching Up, again....

OK - I am pathetic at blogging consistently. Ugh. It is just crazy most weeks to say the least. So here are a lot of random pictures and thoughts.THIS is the girl (note the tiara....) that slapped my baby boy FOR NO REASON at the GA Aquarium last week. Oh man.....Mommy claws came out long and sharp. But I did resist the urge to push her down and slap her Daddy who witnessed the scene too and did NOTHING. What's the old saying - "Never say never" - I won't say my child would never do something like this but I would never smile down at him and walk away without a care after I witnessed it happening. Jeez....I am getting all fired up again thinking about it.
Moving along, LaneBug still "skis behind the mow-mow". Priceless...
And my co-worker, Shannon, has a GREAT sense of humor and found 2 big rubber duckies to float in our waterfall outside of work. They are a hoot and I am so glad she put them out there. LaneBug also appreciates the gesture but for different reasons. He always loved the waterfall - never passed up the chance to put his feet in and play. But now he has the ducks to play with also. We stopped by the office yesterday to grab some things I needed and I had my camera with me. Funny!
And lastly, the locusts skins are all over - LaneBug pulled his wheelbarrow around and snagged all he could find. Here is his loot.

Boys....aren't they the coolest??? I think so!

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